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Floating Furniture

This series of furniture pieces is for Joseph Giovannini​'s apartment in Los Angeles, a space that is in "perpetual float", which was featured in Architectural Digest, May 2003. Giovannini, an Architect and Architectural Digest contributing writer, asked JBstudio and Leonardo Rodriguez at el dot DESIGNS to collaborate in engineering and producing his designs for the furniture series. The series includes three lounge chairs of various sizes, a large couch and two throw pillow elements.  


Sizes - couch 6' x 12' x 4', chairs  max. 3' x 4' x 30" H., pillows 16" x 12" x 16"

Materials - 1" th. MDF, latex paint, polyurethane, steel tube

Date: 2003

pan 2.jpg
design drawings 2.jpeg
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