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Fresh Interiors

This extensive collection of interior furnishings transforms the ground floor of a Southern Californian sub-urban home. JBstudio and Leonardo Rodriguez of

el dot DESIGN collaborate in taking a fresh look at traditional home furnishings. The designs push the traditional limits of scale, shape, form and materiality while also enhancing functionality and spacial flow. The couch can accommodate an entire family for movie night. The table, which integrates into the structure of the home has modular benches which conform to the shape of it's footprint. The coffee table is on casters and can nest with the organic shape of the couch. And the cabinets create a cohesive composition on fixed shelving but can be rearranged and relocated throughout the house.


Sizes - couch 14' x 7' x 3' H., coffee table 50" x 30" x 17" H.,

T.V center 10' x 2' x 2.5', 

table 7' x 7' x 2.5' H., cabinet nook 5' x 2' x 8' H., cabinets 15" x 24" x 18" H.

Materials - MDF, fabric upholstery, foam cushion, polyurethane

Date - 2002



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